Myrlina, professionally known as Lina, is a licensed cosmetologist currently residing in Miami, FL. She has had a strong passion for hair since 7 years old. She graduated high school and went back to trade school for one additional year to complete her requirements to become a certified professional.

        Fast forward years later, she is working in her profession with a growing clientele and versatile skills. Lina’s ministry is to spread positivity and empower the women & men that she meets. Her passion for the hair industry shows in her hard work and dedication. Lina realized that a lot of clients were being ripped off by other brands by being sold poor quality hair that did not make their style look good. This is why she decided to offer the best extensions on the market for you. This Raw Brazilian Hair has been worn and tested by Lina for years before she decided to sell it. She takes pride in supplying high end quality extensions while delivering top quality service at an affordable price.